Medically-Based Technology

Kinesio tape is a specific type of tape that is made from 100% elastic fibers that are latex free and it should be noted that the tape itself only stretches on the longitudinal axis. With the proper application of Kinesio tape, it is possible to address many issues from chronic pain, acute athletic injuries, and even prior to workouts or athletic competitions.

There are many different ways that Kinesio tape can be applied depending on the type of injury or the preventative goals sought after. Here at Active Wellness Chiropractic will use different tension strengths and techniques to allow the muscles and ligaments to have additional support when injury occurs. The tape goal of the tape is to stabilize an area of the body and prevent any further damage.

The reason why we love Kinesio tape at Active Wellness Chiropractic is the tapes ability to provide support while still allowing for great range of motion while still reducing the likelihood of further injury. We adjust the tension strength of the tape based on your goals. If for example you are participating in an event such as Hood to Coast the tension strength of the applied Kinesio tape would be stronger to promote stabilization. If we are applying Kinesio tape for rehab we are normally doing it in conjunction with manual manipulation. In these instances the application of Kinesio tape can increase the efficacy of your treatment. The tape, after applied will give muscles and ligaments a chance to rebuild and restore by taking the pressure off of those areas that have been worked on manually.

Kinesio Tape can also be used in the treatment of pain and swelling. Here at Active Wellness Chiropractic we have effectively used Kinesio tape to decrease pain and discomfort from injury as well as used it to help reduce swelling and bruising.