Newborns – Pre Schoolers

Kids deserve to be kids, to have fun and to develop to their full potential. Sometimes they need a little help getting to that potential, and pediatric physical therapy can be just what they need.

At Active Wellness, we provide physical therapy to young children ages newborn to pre-school. We are experienced in treating a wide variety of diagnoses, including developmental delay, cerebral palsy, torticollis, spina bifida, Down Syndrome, and many other orthopedic and neurological conditions.

Our pediatric PT Katie Briggs performs an extensive evaluation and then works with the patient’s family to come up with a treatment plan focusing on goals specific for the individual child. When the kids come back for treatment, they are seen in our developmental treatment room for hour-long sessions focusing on developmental stimulation, posture, balance, range of motion and/or strengthening, all performed in a feels-like-play way, and all customized for the individual child’s needs. And because caregivers are the most integral part of a child’s development, they are included in all therapy sessions, providing input and asking questions throughout. Caregivers leave every session with fun activities to do with their children at home.